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BUG: With two web cams conencted the pictures are mixed together in recordings

With 2 x MS Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 the picture is feathered together when viewed either through the web page or when recorded onto disk

The two cameras are on different USB host interfaces

Any ideas?

daemon off
process_id_file /var/run/motion/
setup_mode off
; logfile value
log_level 6
log_type ALL
videodevice /dev/video0
v4l2_palette 8
input -1
norm 0
frequency 0
rotate 90
width 1280
height 720
framerate 3
minimum_frame_time 0
; netcam_url value
; netcam_userpass value
netcam_keepalive off
; netcam_proxy value
netcam_tolerant_check off
auto_brightness off
brightness 0
contrast 0
saturation 0
hue 0
roundrobin_frames 1
roundrobin_skip 1
switchfilter off
threshold 1500
threshold_tune off
noise_level 32
noise_tune on
despeckle_filter EedDl
; area_detect value
; mask_file value
smart_mask_speed 0
lightswitch 10
minimum_motion_frames 1
pre_capture 0
post_capture 10
event_gap 60
max_movie_time 0
emulate_motion off
output_pictures center
output_debug_pictures off
quality 75
picture_type jpeg
ffmpeg_output_movies on
ffmpeg_output_debug_movies off
ffmpeg_timelapse 0
ffmpeg_timelapse_mode daily
ffmpeg_bps 500000
ffmpeg_variable_bitrate 0
ffmpeg_video_codec mov
ffmpeg_deinterlace off
use_extpipe off
; extpipe value
snapshot_interval 0
locate_motion_mode off
locate_motion_style box
text_right %Y-%m-%d\n%T-%q
; text_left value
text_changes off
text_event %Y%m%d%H%M%S
text_double off
target_dir /opt/motion/cam1
snapshot_filename %v-%Y%m%d%H%M%S-snapshot
picture_filename %v-%Y%m%d%H%M%S-%q
movie_filename %v-%Y%m%d%H%M%S
timelapse_filename %Y%m%d-timelapse
ipv6_enabled off
stream_port 8081
stream_quality 50
stream_motion off
stream_maxrate 1
stream_localhost off
stream_limit 0
stream_auth_method 0
; stream_authentication value
webcontrol_port 8080
webcontrol_localhost off
webcontrol_html_output on
; webcontrol_authentication value
track_type 0
track_auto off
; track_port value
track_motorx 0
track_motorx_reverse off
track_motory 0
track_motory_reverse off
track_maxx 0
track_minx 0
track_maxy 0
track_miny 0
track_homex 128
track_iomojo_id 0
track_step_angle_x 10
track_step_angle_y 10
track_move_wait 10
track_speed 255
track_stepsize 40
quiet on
; on_event_start value
; on_event_end value
; on_picture_save value
; on_motion_detected value
; on_area_detected value
; on_movie_start value
; on_movie_end value
; on_camera_lost value
; video_pipe value
; motion_video_pipe value
thread /etc/motion/thread1.conf
thread /etc/motion/thread2.conf

text_left CAMERA 1
videodevice /dev/video1

text_left CAMERA 2
target_dir /opt/motion/cam2
stream_port 8082

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 045e:0779 Microsoft Corp.
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:0111 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Card Reader
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 045e:0779 Microsoft Corp.
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

UPDATE: also reported in Support Question


Motion version: trunkREV526
ffmpeg version: 0.6.2-4:0.6.2-1ubuntu1
Shared libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: ubuntu natty
-- IainMcFarlane - 24 Jun 2011

I have the same bug. I am trying to run 2x Logitech C500 webcams on Ubuntu LTS Maverick v10.10 headless server.

I get random horizontal bands that look like they have been copied and pasted from the other webcam image. The bands are on about half of the images. The bands get detected as motion so I get a large number of motion detected images which don't have any real motion.


Follow up

Fix record

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TopicTitle With two web cams conencted the pictures are mixed together in recordings
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20130124-225416-1-motion-00.jpgjpg 20130124-225416-1-motion-00.jpg manage 177 K 24 Jan 2013 - 20:06 UnknownUser A sample image showing random bands in the captured image
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