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BUG: Unable to run python script on_motion* etc...

motion Version 3.2.12+git20140228 Python 3.4.2 Raspberry Pi 3 model B

Topic alredy opened on Mar 30, 2014 here

Current "half-solved" way is to run motion in a non-daemon mode ("sudo motion -n").

If I set a py file destination Command to be executed when whatever on_something happens, the command is not interpreted... I put the log file with maximum verbosity but it just said that the command has been launched, and nothing more...

If I execute a bash command with a Python file execution inside, the bash scripts are executed properly but once the execution arrives to the python, it doesn't get executed.

Example of my file ""
omxplayer /home/pi/Documents/Turboy_Project/Cat.mp3
python /home/pi/Documents/Turboy_Project/

BTW just to be clear all the file asked to be executed by motion has been set executable +x and have been set ownership to user "motion" and group "motion". I tried python and python3 execution with same issue
# Command to be executed when a motion frame is detected (default: none)
on_motion_detected /home/pi/Documents/Turboy_Project/


Motion version: 3.2.12
ffmpeg version:  
Shared libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 8
-- SimoneRiccardi - 23 Jun 2016

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Fix record

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TopicTitle Unable to run python script on_motion* etc...
BugStatus New
SubmittedBy Main.turboy
Topic revision: r1 - 23 Jun 2016, SimoneRiccardi
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