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BUG: problem with the cw2300 program

I'm getting reports of errors in the data.

here is a line of data that I'm sending out


Here is a line of code that is valid


The issue appears to be in the data from open2300 . two big gaps in the data. Can this be fixed and also can a text file be created and pushed out such as wx.txt . This data stream is the same data stream as used by APRS weather stations.

Invalid stream :: 000t046r000p002 h19b09996.open2300v1.10

Valid stream :: 002g015t031r000p000P000b10078h19.WD

Test case


Open2300 version: 1.10
Shared libraries:  
Server OS: Win XP

-- MichaelLussier - 03 Mar 2007

Follow up

This report is a bit hard to understand

The good and the bad examples are totally different data.

I cannot see what the error is.

-- KennethLavrsen - 01 Dec 2007

Fix record

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