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BUG: wu2300 submits incorrect total daily rainfall data

When submitting daily rainfall data to weather underground, wu2300 uses the total rainfall from last 24 hours but should submit the total amount of rainfall since midnight. Weather Underground expects the total for "today" (since last midnight local time) not from the last 24 hours. Weather Underground seems to use the largest total rainfall number you submit for its historical records so if it rains less the second day then it does the first day, rain from the first day get counted in both the first and second day.

Test case


Open2300 version: 1.11 (current svn)
Shared libraries:  
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-- RexWheeler - 29 Nov 2007

Follow up

For now I have created a cron job that resets the weather station's rainfall a couple of minutes before midnight every day. This causes wu2300 to report the correct data to Weather Underground, but is not a very elegant solution.

This will be possible by summing a subset of the 24hr rain-count values stored in the station. (See the rain count section of the memory map). All you need to do is work out how many hours ago midnight was.

-- GrantGardner - 30 Dec 2007

Fix record

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