Open2300 - Bug Report 2016x 01x 18x 082049

BUG: Temperature overflow not properly handled

Since WS-2357 (the unit I'm running) has outdoor temperature limits of:
Indoor temperature
● From -9.9 °C to +59.9 °C
Outdoor temperature
● From -29.9 °C to +69.9 °C

It so happened, that I bumped into the -29.9. First I didn't understand what's going on, but then suspicion of overflow situation became evident. Confirming the specs made it clear. Open2300 doesn't handle the overflows at all.

I made a fix for this and can provide the patch if needed.

Test case

# fetch2300 MyWS2357.conf
Date 2016-Jan-18 Time 09:54:20
Ti 23.7
To -29.7
DP 136.7
DPmin -29.9
DPmax 8.1

136.7 doesn't sound like a correct reading to me.


Open2300 version: 1.10
Shared libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Fedora 20
-- HQJaTu - 18 Jan 2016

Follow up

Fix record

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