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Feature Request: Reset Options for minmax2300


When I use minmax2300 it resets all counters. I would like to be able to reset individual counters/functions when an error occurs to a value I nominate. eg when my W2300 gives a min temp reading of -30ºC and I know the min temp has acutally been -5ºC, I would like to be able to reset outdoor temp to -5ºC. Similarly with other functions and counters.

Is this possible?

-- JustFreddo - 03 Jul 2005

Follow up


-- JustFreddo - 27 Jul 2005

I should have checked before I posted. Minmax does allow you to reset individual counters but not to specific values - just zero. I would like the ability to reset the value for a counter.

-- JustFreddo - 27 Jul 2005

Any progress on resetting to a specific value? I would like this feature too.

-- JustFreddo - 03 Oct 2005

You can set individual values using open2300 binary (open2300 w
) and Memory map

-- TWikiGuest - 02 Feb 2006
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