Open2300 - Rain Offset By Config File

Rain Offset By Config File


The rain value in the history area (used by histlog2300 and mysqlhistlog2300) might differ from the current values. Kenneth has described this in the inofficial memory map.

Description of Patch

The configuration file will have an additional entry RAIN_OFFSET. This offset holdes the ticks the counter in the history is ahead of the current values.

To find out what your offset is run fetch2300 and histlog2300. Compare the values for total rain. If there is a difference between the rain_total value fetch delivers and the one in histlog, you take the difference and divide it by 0.518. The rounded value is your offset.

The function read_history_record will use this offset to correct the rain value for rain_total in the history block.

Installation of Patch

Put the files attached in your source directory and call

patch -p0 rw2300.h < patch_rainoffset_rw2300h.txt

patch -p0 rw2300.c < patch_rainoffset_rw2300c.txt

patch -p0 open2300.conf < patch_rainoffset_conf.txt

Rebuild all file by using

make all

Change History of Patch

Discussion and Comments

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