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connect over bluetooth


I try to connect a heavyweather WS2300 station to the free2move bluetooth RS232 connector. This fails as the WS2300 doesn’t use the ground signal.

From heavyweather support I know now that they only use pin 7 (blue), 2 (orange), 3 (green), white (4). From the web I learned the following about the Ws2300: DTR and RTS are not used for handshake. They are steady DTR at negative voltage and RTS at positive voltage. Since there is no ground it seems that the WS2300 uses the DTR and RTS to define high and low. DTR must be low and RTS must be high for the communication to work. Does your TDK Bluetooth/RS232-adapter, blu2i have the same way? Does anyone have an idé on how to resolve this?


Open2300 version: 1.10
Libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS:  

-- AndersSvensson - 13 Apr 2006


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