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SLOW response from 2308


I got a 2308 for Christmas, and I downloaded and compiled the open2300 package on my Mandriva Linux system without any problems, however when I run any of the executables (fetch2300, log2300, etc) it takes at least 5 minutes (or more) to receive any data back from the unit. Eventually I get data, but this delay is way too long to be useful. Is there anything I need to change in the ttyS0 serial port settings to speed this up? Here is how it appears to be set by default according to setserial:

# setserial -av /dev/ttyS0 /dev/ttyS0, Line 0, UART: 16550A, Port: 0x03f8, IRQ: 4 Baud_base: 115200, close_delay: 50, divisor: 0 closing_wait: 3000 Flags: spd_normal skip_test

Any ideas? I would love to have this working on Linux so I don't have to use the crappy Windows software that came with the unit.



Open2300 version: 1.10
Libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Madriva Linux 2006.0, kernel 2.6.12
-- LorenDC - 10 Jan 2007


Wow, I'm actually answering my own question. The issue was that I didn't have my wind sensor connected yet. When any of the executables are trying to get the current data, they try to query this sensor, and if they can't they sleep then retry again... 20 times. I changed the MAXWINDRETRIES constant in rw2300.h to 1 instead of 20 and I got results MUCH faster. And even better when I connected the wind sensor (still haven't gotten up the courage to climb up on top of my house to mount it, though). I see this as one of the current flaws with this software package, somewhat related to another issue that I have seen where if the outside sensor (which I am using wirelessly) isn't sending for some reason, I get really odd outdoor temperature, windspeed, windchill, dewpoint, etc because the program is not detecting the 'no data' case, and is applying the multipliers to the 'no data' characters sent back from the unit just as if it were good data.


I can confirm Loren's observations, and that his fix applies to both Gentoo Linux and Ubuntu as of 11/16/2011 with Open2300 V 1.11 checked out from the SVN repository on 11/15/2011.

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