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cw2300 is not connecting to servers in config file


This may be a bug but I will ask here first. cw2300 is always connecting to [] on port 23 regardless of the servers listed in the open2300.conf file. This problem came to light when APRS shut off the server on Oct. 1, 2007 causing cw2300 to not be able to upload to CWOP. was turned back on Oct. 4, 2007 and cw2300 starting uploading data to CWOP.

My LaCrosse WS2310 weatherstation has been uploading to CWOP since July 2005 with nearly continuous reliable operation using open2300 version 1.8 on Windows 2000 until went down on Oct. 1, 2007 although an error message appears on the CWOP page regarding CW4177 being connected to an unrelaible server. "Warning: This weather station is connected to an unreliable server. Citizen Weather connection recommendations have changed."

CW4177 on CWOP

Excerpted server list from my open2300.conf file:
APRS_SERVER 14580 # Most Reliable
APRS_SERVER 14580 # Greg,WB6ZSU, Irvine,CA (Core 2)
APRS_SERVER 14580 # Gerry, N5JXS, College Station, TX (Core 1)
APRS_SERVER 14580 # Dave, KG4YZY - - - Tampa Bay, FL
APRS_SERVER 23 # California

I now run open2300 version 1.10 on Windows 2000 but the same problem persists.

Oct 10, update:
I have contacted CWOP to see if they can corroborate that other open2300 stations also failed to upload to CWOP during the same 3 day period Oct 1 through 4, 2007 and the results are definitive. There are 28 stations running open2300 on CWOP. 17 of the 28 stations failed to upload to the tier 2 APRS server T2APRSWST ( []) on port 23.

Open2300 stations that upload reliably to other than (these stations continue to work during downtime)
CW2528, CW3299, CW3683, CW6813, CW7225, CW7420, CW7481, CW7501, CW7546, CW8056, CW8155

Open2300 stations that Fail to upload reliably to (these stations fail to work during downtime)
CW0000, CW4176, CW4177, CW4552, CW5410, CW5642, CW6262, CW6305, CW6402, CW6438, CW6881, CW7102, CW7344, CW7355, CW7557, CW8146, CW8226,

I now suspect this is a Windows only related problem based on the consistent failure of the same group of stations during the downtime.

Bill Pooley
Email (obfuscated just is case) bill dot pooley at gmail dot com

Comment added by StanCrump:

rw2300.c contains the reference to that you are seeing. It seems to override what's in the config file.

Change the default server from to the current default server and recompile cw2300 to correct the problem.

There may be another work-around using the config file, but I did not find one.



Open2300 version: 1.10
Libraries: na
Server OS: Windows 2000

-- BillPooley - 05 Oct 2007


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