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Max Wind Speed Readings


Hi there,

I've been using open2300 for a couple of weeks with a WS-2350. I've noticed that there's a difference between the maximum wind speed displayed on the screen and returned by fetch2300. The screen shows a maximum of around 63 km/h but fetch2300 returns "WSmax 17.4". using dump2300 (dump2300 data 04F4 04F7) returns:

Address: 04F5|04F4 - Data: 78
Address: 04F7|04F6 - Data: 18

Any ideas what is causing the differences and how to get the actual maximum from the weather station?




It looks like the issue was that fetch2300 returns the max windspeed in m/s, not km/h as I had thought. Everything does match up!


Open2300 version: 1.10
Libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS: Ubuntu 8.04

-- NeilWilkie - 26 Nov 2009


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