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How to test my installation ?


I had installed open2300 via optware on my NAS box, and change the open2300.conf to fit my seriel port. I got this in return when I started open2300


Unable to open serial device /dev/ttyS0


Then I found out that the location of open2300.conf should be /etc and not as it was installed /opt/etc

So where to go from here ?

Is there a GUI frontend to open2300 ?

I have been testing with log2300, but it takes around 4 minuts to finish, should it be like that ?


Open2300 version: 1.10
Server OS: Linux kernel 2.6.15
-- HansKjaergaard - 03 Feb 2011


You need to have read rights on ttyS0. Please check whether the user you are using for open2300 has this rights. The hard way would be use chmod ugo+r /dev/ttyS0 in the UNIX shell

-- OschenLars - 22 Nov 2011
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